Red cars really get more tickets?

By DavidPage

It is widely believed that red cars are more likely than non-red cars to be ticketed and speeding infractions. This has been a matter of dispute for many years. However, a variety of studies have attempted to disprove the notion by looking at official statistics and interviewing ticketing officers.

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The Official Line

Officers denied that there is discrimination against red cars when they were asked about their experiences with speeding tickets or other traffic violations. They denied that officers actively pursue and punish red car owners over other colors. They claim that the driver’s behavior is what determines whether they get ticketed.

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What the Numbers Suggest

The AAA Los Angeles library data shows that red cars are statistically less likely to be ticketed for traffic violations or to be in an accident than cars of other colors. Evidence also supports the claim that the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Roadster is the most ticketed vehicle. This finding may actually be due to the color choices made by car manufacturers. Red is the most popular color for flashy sports cars, and it’s also the most widely used. Red is not often available for older, family-oriented, or conservative vehicles.

The Driver Factor

The car’s color may affect their ticketing rates, but the driving force is the most important. This isn’t as straightforward as it appears. Psychology can be a powerful motivator to purchase a red car. People who purchase fast cars love to drive them fast, and most sports cars look fantastic in red.

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How the Red Car Effect affects you

There are some things you should remember when driving your sports car. Traffic police use sophisticated speed guns but they will be more inclined to fire at your red car if it is driving aggressively or erratically. You should not draw their attention to your car unnecessarily. This will make it difficult for you to remain under radar. You should also be aware that the risk of an accident increasing with speed is a significant issue. You will enjoy your automobile for many more years if you limit your speed. Weather is another important factor. Sports car owners are most likely to be involved in fatal accidents due to driving on wet roads.

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The red car effect is based in statistics but the reason lies more with driver mentality than official persecution. You can drive safer and, perhaps most importantly, avoid getting tickets.