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“The Eurobike road XC550 is a great choice for kids and adults who want a road bike at a great price without sacrificing quality.

The London Olympics and British victory in the Tour de France have had a significant impact on bicycle sales. As we all adapt to our changing lives, the events of 2020 saw an increase in cyclists on our eurobike road.

Eurobike Road

Cycling seemed to be reviving with fewer cars on the roads. Many of us found ourselves alone sometimes, enjoying the peaceful eurobike road conditions. The road became busier as lockdown lifted, but cyclists still loved cycling.

With excellent customer reviews and ratings, the Eurobike Road Bike XC550 has won the hearts of many cyclists. It also holds a prominent place on the best-seller lists. The XC550 review echoes many of those comments online. While the XC550’s price is great, our review focuses on the overall quality and value for money.

The Eurobike XC550 comes with Shimano components. Shimano is widely recognized as the best bike parts manufacturer. The XC550 is a quality bike. It comes in a variety of rim styles, including multi-spoke or 3-spoke. To set it apart from other road bikes, the lightweight steel frame is complemented by a combination of black, white, and red colours. The XC550 is known for its value and reliability. It comes with disc brakes at both the front- and rear to help slow it down in wet conditions.


The Eurobike XC550 price tag is great and makes a great choice for kids and adults. These bikes were the lowest prices that we could find, but they are constantly changing with bike shops offering discounts, offers, and promotions along with Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday Bike Deals. It’s worth clicking the buttons to see the most recent prices.

What size frame should I buy eurobike road?

Many bike fit guides are available online, but most fail to mention that the bike fit refers to how the bike feels and not the exact measurements. The XC550 49cm is a small frame, which suits people between 5′ 0″ and 5′ 6”. It can also be used by people 150 cm to 165cm. The XC550 54cm is a medium-sized frame that’s suitable for people between 5′ 6″‘ and 6′ 0’, or 165 cm to180 cm.