These are the Most Popular Car Colors

By DavidPage

PPG releases each year its findings on the most loved car colors around the world, broken down by major geographical locations like North America, Europe and Asia. Every year, I lose it. As a majority of humans, we are boring and believe that eggshell white and white are different colors. They are not. Both are white. They are both white, which is fitting considering that white is the most widely used color in the world.

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The PPG color report breaks down the findings. Here are the North American results.

  • White Cars: Twenty-one percent
  • Black Cars: nineteen percent.
  • Cars in Silver and Gray: 16 percent each
  • Red Cars: ten percent.
  • Blue Cars: Eight percent
  • Natural (browns) Cars: seven percent
  • Green Cars: Three percent
  • Other colors: Less than 1%

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The results were skewed, I realized. These high percentages can be attributed to the fact that car manufacturers supply thousands of gray, white, silver, or silver cars to rental companies, government agencies, businesses, and other businesses with a fleet. However, this doesn’t excuse gray and silver cars comprising 32 percent of total vehicles. You can see these colors at busy intersections.

It’s your Choice

According to the same PPG report, 77% of buyers said color was a major deciding factor in choosing a car. However, 72 percent of all the cars sold last year were shades. I am terrible at numbers but this shows me that people like cars without hues. Perhaps I was raised in Cherry Red muscle cars but I believe that color adds personality to the car as well as the model and make of the car.

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Simple Economics

Although I enjoy seeing the mashup of colors on the streets, I am aware that economics drives a lot of what I see. If you are a distributor, limiting the number of red, green, or blue cars means they can increase the price because there is more demand. It would be easier to charge premium prices for colored cars if there were more white, black and red cars. But if there are 30 or so white and black cars and only a few red and blue cars, the colored cars become special in the consumers’ eyes.

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According to the above statement, 77% of purchasers rated color very important in their purchasing process. This survey was conducted for consumers who were looking to buy new cars. However, the same applies to used cars. It all comes down to taste. The numbers show that neutrals or shades are more popular than colors with a unique look. If you are looking to sell your car, this is something that you should consider. Although it’s difficult to determine the impact color has on used cars because people usually look at the specifications, you can see that most cars in any auto lot or auction are either black, white or neutral with very few bright or unique colors. This is an example of the lot we had last summer. As you can see, there are very few options for color.