Essential Taxi Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

By DavidPage

I am a big fan of taxis. If you’re stuck in the dark or just need to get home after an extended flight, they are always the go-to solution for when public transportation just isn’t an option. Taxis are the safest option for women traveling alone, particularly in high risk areas. However, taking the taxi carries its own set of security risks that you should be aware of. Sitting in a vehicle with a male driver can not only be an unnerving experience, but in certain scenarios it could pose risks to the passengers as well. Unfortunately, I’ve had some bad experiences with taxis around the world; however, that shouldn’t stop me from using them again and again. Taxis can be incredibly convenient and anyone traveling alone shouldn’t feel they must avoid them altogether. Airport Taxi in Weybridge provides a dependable taxi service throughout Weybridge and its surrounding areas.┬áSo to ensure everyone feels secure when using taxis while solo travelling, I’ve put together this list with my top security tips for female solo travellers.

Save Emergency Contacts

While overthinking is never a good idea, it is better to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. Make sure you know all of the emergency numbers in your local area, especially for police emergencies – you never know when you may need them even if it is an urgent matter that could end your life. It is never wise to neglect such details. Taxi walton on thames has been licensed by the government for over two decades and serves all areas surrounding Walton-on-the-Thames, from Hersham to Cobham and Shepperton.

Furthermore, keeping a list of trusted family or friend emergency contact numbers in your phone can be invaluable. Not only does this keep them informed about your current location, but they’ll know who to call in case an unexpected crisis arises.


Enabling GPS Tracking

This ties directly into the first point. I discovered a method for doing this accidentally while browsing Google Maps on my father’s PC. Before leaving home, my dad explained to me that whenever the program opened on his PC, he could always see my location whether I was out or not – just so he wouldn’t disturb me while making long calls. Eventually, though, he stopped checking it altogether when it became necessary for his calls. Taxi in Esher, Surrey is one of the many towns located within County Surrey in the United Kingdom. Esher boasts numerous taxi companies that provide transportation services within and around town; some of the more well-known ones being Esher Taxis, Elite Cars A1 Cars, and A1 Cars.

Some might feel uneasy using this method. But, if you have family or friends you trust who would feel comfortable sharing your location with, this could be an excellent tip for safety in a taxi. Simply create an account so trusted contacts can access and login to Maps with your phone; make sure they turn off GPS tracking temporarily but leave it on for emergencies. So now everyone knows where you are when needed most!

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Try Ridesharing Services First

Didi, Uber, Careem… Rideshare services may have various names around the world but their principles remain constant: call a driver registered through an app to take you where you need to go at predetermined cost and avoid unintentional detours. Furthermore, fixed rate applications prevent scams of overcharging as well. Furthermore, most rideshare applications come equipped with security features like emergency buttons or notification capabilities which help deter drivers from engaging in bad conduct from the start.

One major drawback of rideshare apps is that they often require a phone with a functioning SIM card to make calls from the car. This can make it difficult to utilize these services when just arriving in an unfamiliar country or your phone doesn’t work. Regular taxi services would be more suitable in such cases; however, be prepared to negotiate costs if necessary.

Make Sure Your Ride Is Legal

Verify whether the vehicle you are riding is legitimate.

One of the most essential security tips for taxis is to double-check which vehicle you ride in. Before entering any taxi, be sure to determine if it’s legitimate or not; registered rideshare services that can be accessed through an app or official taxis tend to be reliable options.

Before planning a journey to a new destination, do some research and determine the taxi services in the area. What colors do they have? What signs do they display? Are there any details available on official rates within the city? Official taxis at airport terminals will be official services; also, find out if there are any reliable services nearby by keeping track of phone numbers.

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Distinguish The Price

Taxis operating within the official system typically use meters to calculate prices based on distance traveled. Some drivers may request an agreed-upon price, especially when trying to scam tourists. Before agreeing to any trip, ask your driver how much it will cost. If they give you fixed prices instead of showing you the meter, consider whether this price is fair or not; at a minimum, try to negotiate.