Bike Doctor: event promotes bike reuse

By DavidPage

Raigmore gets a visit from the bike doctor

Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, welcomed a special doctor on Friday – New Start Highland’s ‘Bike Doctor!

The Bike Doctor encouraged NHS Highland staff to get on their bikes and keep fit as part of National Bike Week.

There are also impacts on your personal finances and the environment. Cycling to work is an affordable and healthy alternative to the daily commute.

Staff were also able to give unwanted bikes to the shop. This encouraged the public to recycle their old bikes and support New Start Highland.

Both New Start as well as the NHS want to preserve the environment. They hope that the Bike Doc will bring about far-reaching positive changes.

The Northern Constabulary also provided security tags for bikes on the day, which helped Inverness cyclists feel safer on the roads and prevent theft.

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